Seafood Schampoo

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Modellen är 178 cm lång, 74kg och har storlek Large.

You pick up something mysterious from of your recent slays.  Doc prescribes you the ”special shampoo.”  Your lineys ask what the ”poo” is for in the shower…you explain.  Does not matter if it is women or tape, you always share with your lineys.  That being said, they figure they have all slated the same dragons, therefor they must have picked up the same thing you did.  A one-month prescription of the ”special shampoo” is gone in a week as your lineys encroached on it.  Should be an interesting conversation with the Doc next week.


– 55% Cotton, 45% Polyester

– Minimal Shrinkage

– Machine Wash

– Hang Dry To Avoid Shrinkage

– Made in USA

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